Strangers In Between - Trafalgar Studios 2 - A review

by - January 20, 2018

Originally opening in 2016 at the infamous King's Head Theatre in Islington, Strangers In Between has now transferred to Trafalgar Studios 2 in the West End for a limited run until the beginning of February. A play about finding oneself and making new friends in the most challenging of times, it's no surprise why the show has been placed in the West End where a new audience can discover it's charm.

What Michael says; Superb casting, beautifully staged in the intimate setting which is the Trafalgar Studios 2 performance space, Strangers in Between is a coming of age masterpiece by Tommy Murphy.

I must confess I have never seen anything at the King’s Head, Islington so wasn’t sure what to expect. Just under two hours after curtain up I can honestly say I was blown away. If this is the calibre of show produced then I shall be a frequent visitor from now on. 

The play centres around teenager Shane who has moved from the Aussie outback to Sydney. Outstandingly acted by Roly Botha, Shane is a character that was both believable and endearing. If Roly is not nominated for an award then there is no justice. 

I should say though that the shows other actors were every bit as outstanding, and equally deserving of awards - Stephen Connery-Brown and Dan Hunter both providing a range of comedic and intense moments throughout. 

A moment of full frontal nudity came towards the end of act two, where all three main characters appear together as young Shane deals with the outcome of an act 1 encounter with one of them. 

If I can get back to see this play again before it closes I will. 4/5 

What Vincent says; Before the show I didn't know what to expect. I only knew that the show was a coming of age play, and I had never been to Trafalgar Studios 2 before, the sister stage of the main Trafalgar Studios up the top.

The theatre was one of the most intimate I have ever been to, with the first row of seats literally on the stage! The stage itself was mainly a set up of a tiled floor and wall, with the actors bringing props on stage along the way. Although the stage may be simple, the show and acting is anything but!

Shane, played by the immensely talented Roly Botha, is a teenage runaway who is trying to start a new life from his difficult upbringing, and trying to come to terms and accept his sexuality. He meets Will, played by the equally talented Dan Hunter, and during their numerous encounters new feelings and unpredictable experiences develop, which are at times hard for young Shane to deal with.  Hunter also plays Shanes older but bullying brother Ben, who he has a volitial relationship with. In the middle of this is Pete, played by the hilarious Stephen Connery-Brown. Bringing comedy among the most serious moments of the show, he acts as a mentor to Shane and it is a real treat seeing the relationship between them grow.

All three actors were a powerhouse of talent, captivating the audience that you could cut the atmosphere with a knife at the most pivotal parts of the play.

It is not often that I would want to see a show again so soon after seeing it, but Strangers In Between is in a different league and deserves repeated viewings. 5/5 

Strangers In Between is a coming of age play that any gay or straight person, young or old, would be able to identify with in some way. It is running until the beginning of February so we urge you to book tickets before it closes! 9/10 

You can purchase tickets for Strangers In Between at Trafalgar Studios 2 here

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